Monday, May 11, 2009

Vemana again!

The number of visitors to this blog increased after I started writing commentary on Vemana verses. Not that my commentary is good! There are people who google for Vemana on a holiday! Is it for the thrill of reading Telugu or simply because they remember certain names from Telugu culture easier than the others? I for one got a hundred poems of Vemana by heart when I was in third class. There used to be competitions in verse recitation along with the sports events. So, people knew that there are some who cannot kick a ball around, but can remember a hundred poems without trouble. Ours is a small village. So, I used to win hands down. That was when I was introduced to the poems. My love continues for various reasons even now! It will!

చెప్పులోని రాయి, చెవిలోని జోరీగ
కంటిలోని నలుసు, కాలిముల్లు
ఇంటిలోని పోరు ఇంతింత గాదయా
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినుర వేమ

చెప్పులోని రాయి = a stone in the footwear
చెవిలోని జోరీగ = a fly buzzing around the ear
కంటిలోని నలుసు, = a speck of dust in the eye
కాలిముల్లు = a thorn in the sole
ఇంటిలోని పోరు = the fight at homestead
ఇంతింత గాదయా = is not simple or small
వినుర వేమ = O Vema listen

ceppulOni rAyi, cevilOni jOrIga
kantilOni valusu, kAli mullu
intilOni pOru intinta gAdayA
viswadAbhirama vinura vEma

Man thinks a lot of his progress. He claims that he has even conquered the space. I am not going to talk about the inner space and peace etc., but bow before the wisdom of Vemana who has reminded man that he is too touchy in certain matters. Even if it is the scientist who claimed a lot of inventions, at home, is uncomfortable with the wife, if there is no harmony. I am told, the critic number one for Darwin was his beloved wife!!

Harmony is a farfetched concept perhaps. A simple thing like a small stone in the shoe will make our existence almost miserable. A fly buzzing around the ear is a nuisance beyond description. If you really cannot drive it away for some reason, sure, it will drive you mad!!

A small speck of dust in the eye will make you paralysed for a while. Two wheeler drivers know this better than all the others. A tiny thorn in the foot will render you motionless. If not taken care of, it will result in a corn later and make you dance whenever you walk.

Now again the family matter!!
All may be well with the world. If one is not happy with the wife, his life is miserable. Same is the case for the women with a husband.

Purandara Dasa says, not having a wife is a worry. Having a wife is another worry. If the wife happens to indifferent, it is further worry. With a mad man like me, Life must be a worry for my wife too!!

Vemana in this verse puts some simple ideas before us. It is for us to think and learn!!

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