Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I talk!

After travelling for more than two hours from the village we arrived at the bus station.
Anna found his bus immediately, which is the one which takes him home.
Usually his bus never comes even after a long wait.
Interestingly this day there were two of them.
He lets the first one go, since it was crowded.
He took the second one.
It moved away like a flash.
It was for me now, to wait for the bus that can take me to a place nearer to my home.
I did not want to engage an auto.
There was nothing important waiting for me.
Go, take bath, may be read for a while and hit the sack.
So, I waited with patience.
Patience and me?
There was this young man asking “I want to go to Kachiguda!”
The other young man perhaps said, he does not know anything about it.
I called him.
Asked him “where do you want to go?”
He said “Kachiguda”
“Take number two and it will take you right before the railway station” I said.
“Does this boy really want to go to the station? I asked myself.
Then I asked him “where exactly you want to go?”
He was not sure. He said something about Veer Savarkar statue and the station.
I made almost a discourse about the location of the statue and the station. I also explained the distance between the two and repeated my question.
This time he was further unsure and mentioned Shanti talkies.
I was sure about one thing.
He is new in the town and does not know the topography of the place.
I took pains to explain him the matter and guided him about the route he has to take.
He was happy about the help and muttered a kind of thanks.
I know we are very bad appreciating and thanking people.
I did not even expect him to thank me.
I wanted him to reach the right place before it was a problem.

The young man who did not answer initially was listening to me all the while.
He asked me “Sir, where do you want to go?”
“Shall I give you a very bad answer?” I asked him and said “I want to go home!”
“What a joke!” said he and laughed heartily.
I like to talk to people who can laugh like that.
I told about my bus and how the bus that you are waiting for never comes.
I remember even quoting Arudra who says “The train that you want to catch is late by a life time”

Then I told him that I am intentionally standing here so that I can talk to people like him.
He said “Timepass!”
I said, “No! For pleasure!”
The young man said, on my asking, that he was waiting for a parcel that is on the way.

I made a joke about the delay possible for a life time.
He said that he already has a message regarding the arrival of the parcel.

I have noticed another thing there.
The number that Anna usually waits for usually does not come even after an hours wait.
Today there were five of them.
The buses that I wait for are theoretically more in number.
Today I was at loss and could not find even one of them.

We all laughed and silently I moved from there to the stand outside.There I will find my bus and may be more people to talk to!!

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