Monday, April 27, 2009

Kunalamma Padalu

Or are they Koonalamma Padalu?

Whatever they are, interesting are they for sure?

Arudra was a phenomenon.

Whatever he did, it was with a diffrence and class!

కొంటె బొమ్మల బాపు
కొన్ని తరముల సేపు
గుండె వుయ్యెల నూపు
ఓ కూనలమ్మ
Bapu's pictures are an added attraction to the words.
Even Arudra says so.
These poems were published in Jyoti Monthly along with the cartoons.
చెరకు రసముల వూట
చిన్మయత్వపు తేట
యోగి వేమన మాట
ఓ కూనలమ్మ
I tried to choose the best from the small book.
I could not.
Every piece is a gem.
People should learn Telugu to read such works.
I have added this entry as an illustration to the earlier entry on poetry.

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