Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vemana verses

తనర నృపతితోడ, దగ దుర్జనునితోడ,
అగ్నితోడ, బరుని యాలితోడ,
హాస్యమాడుటెల్ల నగును ప్రాణాంతము
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ.

Tanara nripati tODa daga durjanuni tODa
agnitODa baruniyAlitODa
hAsyamAduTella nagunu prAnAntamu
viswadAbhirAma vinura vEma

తనర = to the satisfaction
నృపతితోడ = with a king
తగ = to suit
దుర్జనునితోడ = with a bad man

అగ్నితోడ = with fire
పరుని యాలితోడ = with the wife of another person

హాస్యమాడుటెల్ల = to make a funny comment or dialogue
అగును = would be
ప్రాణాంతము = life risking or life ending

.విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ.

To indulge in light talk or playing pranks and silly comments with a king, an unruly person, fire and the wife of another person would lead to a situation where you may even lose your life.
Vemana cautions us to be serious when you are talking to people who are not really in your zone. To jest with all and sundry is suicidal, he means.
It appears this king Taimur the lame used to kill people if he does not like their talk or even a joke. It was only for Mulla Nasruddin to joke with him and be left safe.
A bad person can never differentiate between a light word and a serious word. He will only knows to react in his own way.
Fire is known to burn the fingers of one who offers fuel also.
“sprushto dahati pavakah” says the sloakm.
You touch it and it will burn you!
The lady who is not your wife may perhaps like your joke, but not her husband.
Husbands jealously guard their wives.
Nanduri Ramakrishnamacharya created an episode where Karna exhibits only proximity to Bhanumati, wife of Duryodhana. It is an interesting poetic work. It need not be misunderstood. Karna Goes to Duryodhan’s home. Perhaps without an appointment. The man is not at home. His wife with all the friendly love asks him and proposes a game of chess or something. While playing people tend to become a little easy with manners. Meanwhile Duryodhana arrives. When they try to get up and greet him, the pearl ornament on the waist of Bhanumati gets stuck and breaks. Pearls scatter all over. I really do not remember the events exactly in the order depicted. It is an excellent episode vindicting the thoughts proposed by Vemana in this verse.

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