Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vemana Satakam 2

నిక్కమైన మంచి నీలమొక్కటి చాలు
తళుకుబెళుకు రాళ్లు తట్టెడేల
చాటుపద్యమిలను చాలదా ఒక్కటి
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ

Nikkamaina Manchi neelamokkati chalu
Talukubeluku rallu tattedela
Chatu ilanu chalada okakati
Viswdabhi rama vinura Vema

A chatu padyam is a verse with a moral, or something to learn from. Vemana when writing his padyams, wanted people to understand the importance of such works.
He says, Neelam ( Blue gem stone) even if it is one, is enough, if it is genuine.
Why a basket full of shining stone which are not of any value?, he questions.
He also asks, A good padyam, even if it is one, is it not enough in this world?

When compared with the first two lines where he tells us the value of a gem stone in comparision with cheap stones, he went silent when it is the matter of Chatu padyam. He said the Padyam is good and desisted from saying the other poetry is waste in comparision.

Yes, if you are wise enough, even one good padyam is enough. You can make good use of it.
All the other poetry may or may not be of any value if seen from learning point of view.

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