Monday, May 5, 2008

Transmission Loss

Power gets lost during the transmission.
Government money gets lost during implementation of programs.
Akbar and Birbal were discussing this matter.
Akbar was doubtful about the fact.
Birbal said, he will demonstrate the matter.
He asked Akbar to ask for some ice.
Yes, Akbar used to arrange for the ice from Himalayas to be brought daily, those days itself.
The ice was brought.
Birbal said, the ice can not be delivered directly to the king.
The man at the gate should take it and give it the next man. He will give in turn to the man sitting next. Almost all of them will touch it. Thus the ice block was broght to the king. By the time it reached there, half the ice was turned to water and everyone's hands were wet.
King laughed at the demonstration.

We are yet to laugh about it.
Because we are made to cry about the situation. What reaches the end point is sometimes not even half of what was meant to be spent on the matter.
By the way there are some who would like this method, because they would get rich easily.

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