Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vemana 6

ఎద్దుకన్న దున్న యేలాగు తక్కువ?
వివరమెఱిగి చూడు పృథ్వియందు
నేర్పులేనివాని నెఱయోధుడందురా?
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ.
Eddukanna dunna ElAgu takkuva
vivaramerigi cUda pruthviyandu
nErpulenivAni nerayOdhudandurA
viswadABirAma vinura vEma
Vemana asks an interesting question. In what way is a he buffalo inferior to a bull?
if you get inti the details in this world, will any body call afellow without expertise, a warrior? also asks Vemana.
The name and fame for any person comes based on his work and not the appearance.
A buffalo may look ugly. It is no way inferior to a bull when performance on the feld is considered. Similarly, only one who has exhibited his valour will be called a hero and not any one who lacks the expertise.
Telling some profound facts in a stunning way is the hall mark of Vemana. This verse is an example of the fact. That is the reason why Vemana is known as a great philosopher nad not all the other poets who wrote ordinary poems. This fact also is illustrated in the above commented verse.

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