Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vemana 5

ఇనుము విఱిగెనేని యినుమాఱు ముమ్మాఱు
కాచి యతుకనేర్చు గమ్మరీడు
మనసు విఱిగినేని మఱియంట నేర్చునా?
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ.

Inumu virigenEni immAru mummAru
kAci yatuka nErcu kammarIdu
manasu virigenEni mariyanta nErcunA
viseadABirAma vinura vEma

If iron is broken the blacksmith will heat it it twice or thrice and can join it.
Will he be able to join the broken heart? asks Vemana.
There are many verses of Vemana which are not very well known.
The initial padyams I tried to comment upon belong to the well known category.
The one given now is not so popular.
Here Vemana talks about broken hearts.
If a physical material like iron is broken, there will be specially experienced people who can join it. A heart if broken, can never be joined again. May be, there is some kind of compromise. But, the memories of teh broken state will remain for ever.
There used to be a very good advertisement regarding a product, Quickfix, which used to say the product will join anything except broken hearts.
There is a similar verse in Mahabharatam which talks about arrows that are struck in the body and heart. There the mention is about the bad words that hit the hearts.
It is a daily experience. Vemana is good at bringing the very known things in a simple but focoseed manners in as few words as possible.

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