Sunday, October 28, 2007

What do you see?

What do you see?

A friend of mine narrated this recently.
There was a school where the test was conducted on the boys about their psychology.
They were shown two photographs.
In the first photo there was a man reading a book.
In the second one, a man was chopping wood.
Boys were asked to tell what they were doing.
The first boy who came said, the man who was reading was at work.
The other man cutting wood according to the boy was passing time.
Then a second boy came.
He said exactly what the first boy told.
According to this boy, the boy chopping wood was working for livelihood.
The man reading was at leisure.

Who of them is right?
Both of them were right in their own place.
First boys father was a teacher. Reading for him was a part of the work. When he finishes his reading, he may go for cutting some wood or doing some physical work that gives him some pleasure.

The second boy was the sun of a worker who does physical work for livelihood.
Reading for him is perhaps a far fetched activity.

There lies the difference.
You see what you are used to see.

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