Friday, October 12, 2007

Who is Happy?

This story was in circulation in our circles for a long time.
They say, it is also used in a film recently.
Stories are not the sole property of any one.
The story goes like this.

There was this man trying to catch fish.
He was patiently waiting with his rod in the waters of the village tank.
There was this other man who came there, spread his upper cloth under the tree and started sleeping.
The man who was fishing got disturbed and started chiding the one who was trying to sleep.
He asked him, " Why sleep? You can also catch some fish!"
The other one asked "Why?"
" Because you can sell the fish and make some money"
"Then what?"
"Buy a lot of things!"
"Then what?"
" Cook and eat well!"
"Then what?"
" Sleep well!"
The man said " I am doing that same thing now! Why take so much trouble to sleep well?"

I really do not know what the answer he got was!
But there is a question here.
Who can sleep well?
The one who struggled for his meal and had it, or the one who is perhaps hungry?
A good friend of mine used to tell that even happiness is of two kinds.
One is devoid of any fear. The other is laced with fear.
You perhaps bought some food with borrowed money and are happy after eating.
Heart of hearts, you are really worried that you have to pay back the money.


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