Sunday, November 4, 2007

Do it now!

Yes, Do it now!

It is now or never.
Yesterday was a sunday.
We were all in a good mood perhaps.
Mother has returned from hospital.
Lot of cleaning happened.
During the course of some discussion I narrated couple of jokes to my wife.
We are usually a silent family.

These days we dont even laugh much.
For the jokes I told, all laughed.
They were some philosphical kind of jokes.
The kind that make you think.
Immediately I thought I should write them in the blog.
Computer was not on. I was doing somthing else.
So, I thought I will do it later.
Evening we went out.
Not exactly an outing, but for grocery shopping.
The trip became a big fiasco.
Even before we started, asked my wife whether the car will fail again.
She said she is using another car.
It would not fail.
We went some distance and came back to the usual shop.
Just before parking the car stopped. It wouldn't start again. My wife had call my brother who came with some petrol.
The car started. We did our shpping. We even bought and ate some chocolate.
Came home and did some usual kind of things and slept off.
This morning when I want to recollect the jokes that I wanted to include in the blog, I am just not able to remember.
This is only an example.
You may like some thing. You have to tell the matter then and there.
If you wait for an opportune moment, that may never come.
Even when you are unhappy about some thing, I used to tell then and there.
Many took it amiss.
I told, that if I wait till another time, the feeling may change.
I may rethink and water down the whole idea.
If you think of doing something, better do it then and there.
Wait, and the idea may disppear.
Even if it is ther, it may change, at least the intensity of it.
My wife decided that she will buy a new car.
She is buying one today.
How do you like it?

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