Friday, October 5, 2007

What are you doing?

I know it is a long time since I wrote anything here.
It is always like that. You start something. You also think you will do it without a break.
Right on the second day, you tend to find something more pressing and important.
So, you give this job up.

Every year I start writing a diary.
Interestingly, I never bought a diary.
That means I wait till someone gifts one.
It never happens before the start of the new year.
So, I never start writing diary on the new year day.
People do give diaries. But, we look for a better one.
Thus, every year I start writing diary much later.
Then the question is what to write in it?
I really do not like to write the events of the day.
Many days there would not be anything worth remembering.
So, I write about the interesting happenings of the day.
That is about the people, events and ideas.
The last one is more interesting.
ideas do occur. Not all of them are interesting.
Some of them are! But never did I write a diary till the end of the year.
One has to record these ideas and that is what I did for a long time.
Some of my diaries do read well.There are friends who read them and told me that they are good reading material.
Only then I thought that I should write blogs also.
I started one elsewhere.
There were no takers.
As such net is awash with such writings.
Many people write all kinds of things here.
What we write should be at least of interest to some people around.
When I ask myself whether people like what I write, the answer is evading me.
The counter says there are people who are visiting the blog.
For the last few days, I am engaged in some new kind of work.
Hence I could not do anything on the net.
Let me see, if I can reveive my activity.
Let not lethargy take over me.

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