Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Ahoy!

There is a so called Israeli quotation.
It goes something like this!
"Who says nothing is impossible? We have been doing it for ages!"
Looking at the history of that country, I dont believe that an Israeli said this.
Doing nothing is impossible.
If you are doing nothing, you are doing "nothing!"
I think any person with a head on the shoulders can understand this.
For a long time, because of various reasons, I was doing nothing.
I was perhaps sitting and brooding.
Something happened and I started thinking of doing something better than what I was doing.
If you really want to do something, I think people will get to know it!
Otherwise how do I expalin this invitation from nowhere to join a team which is really planning to do something really great.
The team is still being built.
The plans are being tested.
I am sure, very soon, I will be really busy.
I am waiting for that day.
Till then, what to do?
You have all kinds of things to do, as long as you are willing to forget your past.
And, then, comes this Sunday.
They never give you your food at the usual time on the day.
So, you keep doing odd things waiting to fed.
Yes, you had your food.
My goodness! All these people are so tired that they go for a siesta.
One needs rest, no doubt about it.
How about some one like me who is looking for some meaningful work?
Life has been a big vacation till recently.
If you sleep during the day, you are awake all the night. So no sleeping.
So much reading and internet, you are already sick with it!
It is so boring doing nothing.
I really do not know how people can remain doing nothing!
Meditation they say, is about going blank.
Thinking nothing!
I tried it and it never worked.I can not sit like that doing nothing. So, you are suffering reading these lines!
People are sleeping. I am typing out my random thoughts.
I will now on try to put some order in waht I type here. Thanks for reading.

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