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Kodavatiganti - Story

This is not exactly a story.
Sri Kodavatiganti Kutumba Rao wrote some small pieces under the title Galpikalu and Abhhota Kalpanalu.
This is one among them.
Read it keeping in mind that it was written about sixty years back!
What kind of morality was that?
In comparison are we better or worse?

I have no intention of infringing on the copyrights here.
It is only an enthusiastic work of a fan!
Not many can have such ease with words like great Ko Ku had!
Hats off!

The other’s Woman

In our office a low level vacancy arose. Kondal Rao fell to the sick bed. As the doctor told that there is no hope of his getting well in a month, to work in his plays one Subrahanyam came from Guntur along with the spouse. Why family for a period of a month? Unless to spend the four coins that he earns here towards the rail fares1

Subrahmanyam hired a ten rupee portion near the office and started the family there. Subrahmanyam’s wife is very good looking person. She talks freely with the other men too. Many of our office kept going to Mr. Subrahmanyam’s house and used to sit for a while.
How long will it take for a month be over? Subrahmanyam’s job was coming to an end. But, Kondal Rao was yet to recover. Then, Subrahmanyam on his part, after the month, sent the wife and started eating in the hotel.

Meanwhile Kondal Rao, poor fellow kicked the bucket. Subrahmanyam’s job became permanent.
“When would you get the wife?’ the entire office asked Subrahmanyam.
“Would get, what is the hurry?’ “I would never get” ‘I am thinking of writing a letter” “I am thinking of keeping someone for a while and then bringing the wife” thus, Subrahmanyam was giving replies without repeating the same to another person.

We came to know that Bhagavanlu who works in our office has joined Subrahmanyam in the house. There was a rumour that they together keep a woman.
“My wife comes day after’ said Subrahmanyam.
“Bhagavanlu?” we said.
“He too would stay with us’ said Subrahmanyam.

The same day someone went and told the house owners – that the two in the house or going to keep someone, so immediately you should drive them out.
House owner issued Subrahmanyam and Bhagavanlu a notice.
“I wouldn’t budge till the second month gets over, even if you go to the prevue council!” said Subrahmanyam.

Soon that woman came. – a sinner face and that! We all hated her just on looking. Having a beautiful wife what is the matter with this fellow, I thought.
After that woman came, staying only half day, Bhagavnlu too left the place and went to another room. Wise man he is.

Meanwhile there came a gentleman to our office. “Is Subrahmanyam there” so saying. On our enquiry it became known that he is the uncle of Subrahmanyam.
“Subrahmanyam is yet to come. It is his time of arrival.… It is OK! Then your nephew is keeping someone and living. Elderly person you are! At least can’t you tell?” I said.
“What is about some woman and living? Your face! It is his wife after all! Is it not just I am coming from his place? He is not there even at home! Wherever he went…” mumbling that gentleman went away!

1942 Kavirattu, (Abhoota Kalpanalu, Galpikalu) Yuva office Tenali.
For a few facts about teh author.

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