Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dwaram Narasinga Rao - Violin

Dwaram, the less known!

Narasinga Rao Naidu, son of Dwaram Venkatakrishniah Naidu who was the elder brother and guru of legendary Dwaram Venkataswami Naidu, had his training from his father and Venkataswamy Naidu. He worked as violin lecturer and principal of M.R.Government Music College at Vizianagaram for many years and was known as a great guru who treated his scores of disciples with affection.

In his heydays Narasinga Rao Naidu accompanied musical celebrities like Parupalli Ramakrishniah Pantulu, GNB, Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna, Chembai Vidyanatha Bhagavatar, T.R.Mahalingam and several others. All his sons and daughters are excellent violinists.

Narasingarao Naidu died at the early age of 55. His children Durgaprasada Rao(Retired Principal, Music college, Satyanarayana ( Now at AIR, Hyderabad), Poosarla Manorama (of Music College, Hyderabad) imbibed their father’s superb bowing technique and have earned fame in the field of violin. Satyanarayana joined AIR and was transferred to Hyderabad. I still remember a duet he played along with Sri Marella Kesava Rao a senior from their bani. A concert by the brothers Durgaprasad and Satyanarayana is available in the blog of Mridangam artist Kamalakara Rao. Sri.K.V.Reddy is another prime disciple of Narasingarao Naidu.

The recording of Narasinga Rao I am presenting here is from Andhra Music Academies non commercial cassette. I thank them profusely.

Accompanying artist on the Mridangam, Sri Kolanka Venakta Raju was a legend by himself. He has accompanied almost all the famous artists of the times. Mali preferred him for his concerts. I had the good fortune of meeting Sri Raju and spending some time discussing music. It is interesting that he was a sculptor of the highest order. The statue of Tyagaraja in the premises of Tyagaraja Ganasabha of Hyderabad is sculpted by him. There are many of his disciples in Andhra. His son Sri Lakshman Rao is a fine Mridangam artist.

Sri Dwaram Narasinga Rao - Violin

Sri Kolanka Vekata Raju - Mridangam

01 Teliyaleru Rama - Dhenuka.mp3
02 Paramatmudu Velige - Vagadhiswari.mp3  
03 RTP - Kapi (Tani - Incomplete).mp3

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