Friday, October 16, 2009

Balamurali - Swati Tirunal Concert

Happy Deepavali once again!

I bring you excerpts of Swati Tirunal feastival concert By Dr. Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna.

I really do not worry about Swati Tirunal wrote these songs or not!

The songs are very good and let us enjoy them.

There is an epical poem, Amukta Malyada in Telugu, supposedly written by Sri Krishnadevaraya,the Kannada King of Vijayanagara empire. Many scholars opine that he has not written it and simply appended his name to the work since he was the benefactor of the poet.

Even Shakespeare is made out to be a fictitious personality. Certain truths are hard to derive at!

Let us not think about things where we do not have much to decide. Let us enjoy this recording of which couple of items was earlier announced by my good friend Sri Murthy garu.

Dr. M. Balamuali Krishna – Vocal

Sri Purnachander – Violin

Sri T. V. Gopalakrishnan - Mridanagam

List of items and links: Paripahi Ganadhipa - Saveri.mp3 Alapana - todi.mp3 03 Pankajaksha Tava Seva - Todi.mp3 Aaj Aaye Shyama Mohan.mp3 Bansuri Bajayi.mp3


Srinivasan said...

Out of all these links only one is working. What about the rest? Pl look into them and make available or remove if cannot make available.


Vijayagopal said...

There is something wrong at your end.
The links are working and a lot of people have downloaded the files.
I have just checked the links myself.
The tone of your comment is not ideal!
Please be kind to people!

Anand said...


The following link does not render in Firefox: 03 Pankajaksha Tava Seva - Todi.mp3

I am able to download other krithis, but not this particular one. Kindly help.


Vijendar Reddy said...

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