Monday, September 28, 2009

Nagaraju Eedara - Vocal

Late Sri Eedara Nagaraju was a fine vocalist of yester years.

A Sangeetha Bhuashanam those days only, he was one among the founder faculty of the Music College at Hyderabad.

Sri Nagaraju was also a fine composer with exceptional imagination.

His style is really unique and reminds of some stalwarts like SGKittappa et al.

Thanks to his Daughter Smt. Durga I bring you here some recordings of Sri Nagaraju.

You will notice that there are some of his own composition.

I desist from commenting lest I sound pushing you into listening him.

A couple of the items are from AIR recording.

Here is the list. Accompaniment details not available.

01 Terateeyagarada - Goulipantu

02 Korinavaramu

03 Geetamulalluduna

04 Emanagaphalamemi

05 Intaku ni madi Yochana Yemo

06 Ashajendi ninu

07 Tumburu Naraduletu

08 Telisi Ramachintanato

09 Chala kalla

10 Padamule gati

I have a few more files uploaded to the mediafire account and you are welcome to download them.

Here is my collection.

I will continue to upload more music to my collection.

Keep visiting frequently and you will not regret doing so.

The photograph in the entry is of Tyagaraja Swamy at Tirupati. You will also notice the main deity Sri Rama with Sita and Lakshmana.

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