Friday, November 3, 2017

Weekend Bonanza! Nadaswaram Marathon item!

Shravanam with my favorite instrument Nadaswaram
By none other than Sri Karukuruchi Arunachalam

Arunachalam - Shanmukhapriya - RTP

Length of this item, a little more than two hours!

Enjoy and make a comment.
Let em see how many of you would have a word for the maestro!

I know, some of you must have already listened to the track.
I confess that it is not something that I converted from cassettes.
All other postings by me are my exclusives.

I am sharing this just to celebrate the great man!
No pilferage meant.
I have tonnes of his music with me.
But many people like me also have those recordings!

Anyway, Enjoy!


T.N. Gopalan said...

lovely thank you

Eday Balaji said...

Exhilarating Nadaswaram. I am grateful to you.

venkatkmoorthy krishnamoorthy said...

excellent .
pleasure listening to the nadaswaram.
Sir, Can you tell me how I can download listen even when I am offline.
When I tried download from this site it is taking me where and all.
Please help.


Have not heard wonderful Karaikurichi for along time. He is just absolutely marvelous!

S Subramanian said...

Karaikuruchi Arunachalam ---> KArukuRichchi aruNAchalam

The name of the village he hails from is called KArukuRichchi in ThirunelvEli district, ThamizhnADu