Thursday, November 23, 2017

Voleti - Poorvikalyani

Shravanam of the Maestro!

Voleti sings Ninnuvinaga - Poorvikalyani
of Shyama Sastry

It is simply out of the world.
I want all of you to enjoy listening to the great music!


sairamakoti said...

Gopalamji, Kindly post the text of the song whenever possible.
After a very long time I am listening Voleti. Thank you

Ganesan Ramani said...

Great rendering of Poorvikalyani by the Maestro Voleti. Accompaniments were good too.

Here is a request:
Could you find the rendering of MachadaBrahma Dorakudorakuna-Composition of Thyagaraja in Raga Madhyamavathi. It is rarely rendered and I listened to the one rendered by S.Rajam in 1982.
Thank you and wirth regards,
Dr. G. Ramani Montreal
24 Nov 2017

Gopalam Karamchedu said...


You must be asking teh song Mucchata Brahmadulaku Dorakuna- Madhyamavati.
Kindly send a mail to and I shall see how I can make you happy listen to the