Thursday, August 25, 2016

Balagopala - Bhairavi

Sharavanam of Bhairavi!

I am happy that more than two hundred people tried listening the last weeks item.
Not many tried to identify the artists! They were Sri TNS with N Ch Krishnamacharyulu on Violin and K Veerabhadra rao on Mridangam. The recording is not shared anywhere!

Now I give another Gem of of rendition! No guesses and no Hazards! Only happy listening!!


sswaminathan said...

What a leisurely pace, what a classical performance! Is it MLV?

arunachalam parthasarathy said...

An enthralling Bhairavi. Is it the late T Brinda singing?

Aditya said...

Bombay Jayasree

Ramesh Kn said...

Detailed & soul filling alapana..

ssr said...

Its Bombay Jaishree only.