Monday, August 29, 2016

Arabic Poem

Here is an Arabic Poem in translation.

Feelings are universal after all!



What have we done to you, death
that you treat us so,
with always another catch
one day a warrior
the next a head of state;
charmed by the loyal
you choose the best.
Iniquitous, unequalling death
I would not complain
if you were just
but you take the worthy
leaving fools for us.

Fifty years among us
upholding rights
annulling wrongs,
impatient death
could you not wait
              a little longer.
He still would be here
and mine, a brother
without a flaw. Peace
be upon him and Spring
rains water his tomb
could you not wait
              a little longer
              a little longer,
you came too soon.

Translated by Omar Pound

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