Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Query - An answer - Poem by Zimbo

A Query – An answer

‘Two bungalows
Four cars
In city a house
Four flats
Bank balance
Ten debit cards
This, my friend! is
My progress of thirty years
How about you’

Quizzically he looked
Towards me

What is there!
A few hundred poems
Tens of stories
Another few hundreds of articles
Bundle of diaries
In them
Lines and letters
Word pictures
Life depictions and more life sketches
Sound and echoes
Hyperboles, similes
Few more lecture notes

Is my property
Our two children
That is my life
Not just that my friend
A table, a chair
Basketful fruits
A flute to play

More than that
What else

Is needed, tell me

A Telugu poem by Zimbo, translated by Vijayagopal

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