Friday, April 5, 2013

Choppalli Suryanarayana Bhagavatar - Ramajogi Mandu

Father spent his student days in Gadwal.
He was a student sponsored by the royal family, I am told.
The Samsthanam was a centre of lot of cultural activity.
So, father used to recollect the details of performances he has witnessed.
Names like Yadavalli Suryanarayana, Dommeti Suryanarayana and Choppalli Suryanarayana became familiar to me.
These were all the stars of the Telugu musical dramas those days.
No wonder they sang classical music!

When Srinivasa Dixit gave some recordings converted from old discs, I was pleasantly surprised to find Choppalli Suryanarayana Bhagavatar's songs!
Father, though not a singer, used to mimic these artists.

Here I present one such song as a tribute to my father.
But for my father, my tastes in literature and classical music would have been next to naught!

Choppalli Suryanarayana Bhagavatar sings Ramajogi Mandu

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