Thursday, April 4, 2013

They are the same wherever!

Look at man's ingenuity!
Whether it is China or India!
It is all the same!


Somewhere around Chennai

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anand sivaraman subramaniam said...

Inspite of the fact that i find these pictures edited, we see such instances day in and day out. What strikes me from these pictures is their organization abilities, the thought process that went behind packing their stuff so tight and so well and obviously a unquenching fire to earn their living through hard work . Being my own devil's advocate, when i travel by car or by a two wheeler, whenever i see such people, the first reaction i get is anger, because i always felt they slow down traffic. Its very ironic that sitting in front of my home computer and reading this blog, its hard for me not to concur with your comments on their ingenuty :-).

May be this is why humans are always called "Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi, kalanthu saithe kalavigal"...their thought process, perception and idealogies keep changing :-). I seem to be the first example of that...