Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rajagopala Sharma - RTP

Raju suddenly appeared and handed over an old bag.
It contained some gramophone records.
Couple of them appeared unusual.
They were bigger than the usual 78 rpm discs.
I have seen inside-out discs that play staring from inside.
I have also seen plastic discs that could be folded.

Here were discs bigger than the regular 78 rpms and were 78 rpms alright.
I started listening to one of them.

It is a RTP of Tiraiyur Sri M Rajagopala Sharma.
The record has a lot of noise.
I have to clean it anyway.
Meanwhile I realised, I have this recording in my library.
Here it is for your listening pleasure.

Turaiyur Sri Rajagopala Sharma - Pallavi and Ragamalika

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