Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mysore Anna

I wrote this long back. Did not know whether to share these ideas with others.
Now, I thought, I can!
Whatever they mean to you!

Whenever he is here, we have a wild dialogue.
He is an interesting man.
 Scholar extraordinaire I should say.
Whatever he has studied, he did it with such concentration that he feels the subject no longer exists.
When you really understand something to the core, you start ignoring all that is there behind.
That is the confusion experts have.
I had this problem with all those who used to write scripts.
They write as if they are doing it for their research scholars.

Not many scientists are good communicators.
Similarly, with Anna, I realised that not many scholars of Veda and Sanskrit are good at communication.
 I was under the impression that all language scholars are good at speaking.
It is true, but, can they communicate with all types of people.
He wrote a small item about Muttuswamy Dikshitar.
I should accept that there is no stuff in it, but only language.
Even that language is unintelligible.
Sorry for the expression, but, you and I cannot stand that language.

Anna is an expert in Yoga.
Not the yoga seen on the TV. The highest form of it is at his finger tips.
So, everything appears to him only as a part of it.
On anything in this world, his view is from that plane!
That is the problem with experts.
They think everyone knows what they already know.
That is where, their expertise becomes useless to the society.
You have a treasure. Not all of it can be shared.
You do not know which part can be shared.
You do not also know how to share anything.
Anna point blank said, I can not write in any other way.

Nalini Mohan was a very popular writer.
He once told me that he has started writing a book on five elements.
When he came with the script, it was only about fire and already ran into more than 200 pages.
What will happen if he writes about the other four elements also?
Ajanta, his uncle and an editor at Prabha published only a part of it!
Then the script came to Jyoti.
I told the gentleman there about the missing part of the script.
Even the page numbers were confirming what I said.
It is not my intention here to malign my icon Sri Nalini Mohan.
It is about the sense of proportion in anything you do.
Success in communication is not dependent only on the content.
The form is equally important!

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