Monday, July 2, 2012

Harmonium - A Poem by Asharaju

This is my humble trial of translating my good friend Asha Raju's poem in Telugu.


The ripples on the water are the alphabet
Leaves on the tree are sentences
Flowers on the branch, the sounds
Drops dripping from the awning are the songs
Inspiring me,
How would you stop the poetry!

Ocean a harmonium
Desert a piano
Forests are sitars
Meadows are Shehnais, reverberating
Binding me
How can you stop the song!

Breeze listens to me
Light knows my lingo        
In the darkness, my eyes are butterflies
Shackled hands
Are palm leaf manuscripts, hidden
You torture me
How can you erase history!

Poetry is midnight rain
That pours silently
If charge with guns
The wetness would elude you
You tear the papers
Rock the books
Shove hands into the pockets
Pull the bags
The tempest in the mind would not come to your hand

Poetry lives in a dream
In a scabbard
In a quiver
In self-confidence
In belief
In unwavering aspirations
In sleepless weapons
Where all would you look for it?
How can you contain it?

Poetry is breath that gives life
The hanging gallows
Up swinging life
How many villages would you scan?
How long would you go around looking?

Death is poetry
Birth is poetry
War is poetry
Tears poetry
You wouldn’t realize
Even the jail walls are poetry
Would you stop poetry?


anu said...

this is a lovely write,and yes i enjoyed each stanza

anu said...

awesome write