Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vemana Padyam

We think that Vemana has written only hundred verses. Because we know the word Vemana Satakam. A Satakam is hundred verses. Researchers found that he has written thousands of verses. There is a book where you can find 5000 of his verses. If you have noticed above, unlike usually, I have inserted a picture from a book. The padyam is 2366th in the book.

tAmasinci cEya dagadetti kAryambu
vEgirimpa nadiyu vishamamagunu
pacci kAya decci paDavEya Phalamune

తామసించి = in anger or hurry
చేయదగదు = it is not advisable to do
ఎట్టి = any
కార్యంబు = work
వేగిరింప = if one hurries
అదియు = that
విషమమగును = would turn critical
పచ్చికాయ = raw fruit
తెచ్చి = having brought
పడవేయ = having thrown
ఫలమౌనె = would it ripen

Vemana talks about the way the work should be approached. This works for all including leaders and managers. He says any work should not be begun in a hurry. It means without the right kind of situation and preparation. Vemana tells here that a task begun thus in a hurry would turn critical at some point. We have all experienced this at some point of time in our lives. A well begun task is is no doubt half done. But it's end depends on many other facts too! It would reach the culmination only if it is begun at teh right time and with right situation.

The simile Vemana uses is that of a raw fruit kept carelessly not ripening by itself. The fruit has to be plucked at the right age and kept under right conditions. Only then it would turn into a fruit.

In all the Satakams of great poets, the idea sound too simple in the first glance. But, the difference is that they have seen it as important where we have not!!

Let us enjoy great works and words of wisdom!!


మాగంటి వంశీ మోహన్ said...

Gopalam gaaru

Here is a link for those vEmana gems....AP Oriental manuscripts library has done an excellent job...This project started few years ago and have been watching it for a while...It just kept growing exponentially ....

And as usual our "Internet Thieves" copied them into every place they can with NO credits what so ever - People might storm me for saying this - but that includes the so called WIKIPEDIA....Such is the plight of good works and the work of good people - just to be stolen in a blink of eye... :)

Anyways - here is the link



audi_krishnan said...

There is an ancient Sanskrit verse as under :
"apoorva ko'pi koso'yam
vidya the thava BHARATHI
vyayatho vriddhim aayaati
kshayam aayaathi sanjayaath".

Translation :
O Bharathi ( Saraswati Devi)!,
this treasure of yours is indeed a very unusual kind;
by spending it more and more, it enriches more and more;
whereas - by hoarding it in a miserly fashion, it diminishes and vanishes.

So, Let everyone take what they want. Thanks to "our Internet Thieves" I became a little more knowledgeable and surely more happy to have heard of "AP Oriental Manuscripts Library". I will try to read and learn more.

My thanks to you and to the AP Oriental Manuscripts Library.

What would we ignorant people do, but for such glimpses/rays of light from good people like you.

Thanks again