Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mani Krishna Swamy - Songs

Shravanam goes on!!

Smt Mani Krishna Swamy - Songs

I would be happy if details of the third song are given.

Let us enjoy great music!!


nAradA said...

It keeps on buffering after 46 seconds with no end in sight. Pl look into it.

nAradA said...

Now it is working. I heard the second song (punnAgavarALi) of Thyagaraja. I am giving below its meaning (T praises Rama here) from V. Govindan's site.

O Son of King daSaratha!

O Blessed soft spoken! O blemish-less! O Blessed Human incarnated!

O Lotus Eyed! O Supremely holy! O Benefactor of indra!

O Incomparable Hero!

O Wealth of Solar dynasty?

O Dark-blue hued like rain-cloud! O Protector of ascetics! O Wearer of pItAmbara!

O Lord extolled by Agamas! O Lord bereft of attachment! O Lord praised by this tyAgarAja!

I am Your servant.

I sought You.

Deign to govern me.

Please listen to my appeal.

Is this the time to forget me?

I declare that there is no God on this Earth like You; therefore,

I sought Your refuge.

I am Your servant.

dancervocalist said...

very nice recording...thanks for the same..