Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Abburi Varada Rajeswara Rao -Book of Jokes

Varada as he is known was a great man.
I, now, feel bad about not getting to know him personally.
At least Namini should have introduced me to him.

There are very few people as lively as him, I understand.
Poetry was in his blood.
Equally sense of humor was also there.
Interestingly Chaya Devi Garu, Varada's equally talented wife brought out a book of his jokes.

This is an interesting book by all counts.
I have never seen anything like that till now.
Chaya Devi garu, kindly sent the book to me.
I read it in one go!
The book is named Varadoktulu, the utterings of Varada.
Bali drew some imaginative cartoons for the book.

Sample wit!

Varada was asked to learn driving.
He said, I am not a driver, only a driving force!

On seeing a bald man, he quipped, "His forehead extends to the back of his neck!

(The back cover with the Pundit's words!!)

If you have what is called a Fun Bone, you will rush to Vishalandhra, Navodaya, Praja Shakti or Disha books and grab a copy!!

Let us enjoy some good humor!

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