Monday, April 18, 2011

Shashank - Flute

Shravanam of Flute

Sri Shashank Subramanyam- Kapi

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Let us  enjoy good music!!


saikumar said...

Dear Shri Vijayagopal,
i have been downloading many items from lokabhiramam; thanks very much for that;
last week during sri ramanavami at secunderabad we had the good fortune of listening to harikatha pravachanam on ramayanam by sri dhulipala sivaramakrishna sarma; i have even asked him for his discourses cds, which he was not having readily with him;
may i request you, sir, to provide harikatha kalakshepam by various harikatha artists from a.p.; i started searching the web for it and could find only very few in;
thanks in advance
with best regards
saikumar krishnan

Vijayagopal said...

Dear Friend,

I do have a sizable collection of Harikatha recordings.
I really wonder if there are as many takers!
If there are, I am ready to share.