Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Dawn - Rigvedam

Not many people know about the content of Vedas.
Even I was thrilled to read that such descriptions are there in Rigvedam.
I am curious.
What could be the context.

The Lady Dawn

Always looking at the space and
Spreading everywhere at the morning
Is this enchantress, this Lady Dawn
At the morning donning beautiful colored clothes
The Great soul, she is proceeding
Watch out!
With the golden gilded presence
This lady would 
Make all the hearts swell
And fill them with the juices of Life!

The Telugu Version is by Sri Vidwan Viswam.
I know that the Vedas celebrate the human life and nothing more!
There is a lot that we do not know!



This is very beautiful and surprise to me... Sir , can we get the reference to the Rigveda.. a verse or stanza ?

Vijayagopal said...

I am also looking for the same.
Once I find it, sure I shall share!