Friday, February 18, 2011

Stories from Dr Goel

I met Dr Goel only recently.
He has a Ph D and the subject is Hindi film songs!
Dr Goel is an interesting man after all!
He is a good conversationalist too!
So, we struck a chord very easily!
During the course of talking he narrated some stories.
I liked them!

The one I am going to tell first is the shortest of the short stories.
Many may be knowing it too!
I heard it long back but, forgot!

Here it goes!


Two people were walking together on a dark night.
One of them asked the other whether he believes in Ghosts!
The person said "No!"
And he disppeared.

Hahaha!! Good one that is!

The next story is also on ghosts!

Haunted House

A man left his house locked for long and was living elsewhere.
After sometime he had to return to his own place.
He came with family and cleaned the place.
They were cooking and it was getting dark.
Then a Ghost came and picked up a quarrel with the man.
It said, "I made this place mine. How can you throw me out?"
It threatened the family that it would eat all of them if they did not vacate the place immediately.

The man asked for a weeks time so that he could look for a place.
After a week he asked for one more week saying he could not get a decent place yet.
Later he complained that his wife was not well and he would move later.

The ghost was getting restless.
Then the man sked him "By the way, what do you do during the daytime?"
The ghost said, "I work with the God of Death!"
Then the man said, "Would you do me a favour? Find out from him when are we going to die."
Ghost said "Yes" and came the next night.
It informed the man that they all have different dates of death.
The man asked "Why dont you help me? Ask him to make it the same date for all of us!"
Ghost went back and came the next night.
It brought the information that the dates are predestined and cannot be changed.

Then the man with all the confidence told the ghost to get lost.
He told that the ghost cannot wait and kill them on different days!

I am sure the ghost really went away from there!

Some stories do not make sense!
But, they are good to listen!

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