Friday, February 11, 2011

Srinivasa Bhanu - Stories

Voleti Srinivasa Bhanu is a friend of long time.
He remembers more of me than I do of him!
He is a kind man.
His contribution to Telugu press is inavaluable.
Now a days he writes for the TV.

He kindly gave me his stories collection.
Bhanu worked for Indian Railways!

Aptly the anthology of Bhanu is titled "Pogabandi kathalu"
That is, "The Tales of the Locomotive!"
The stories are woven around the people in the miniature India called the Railways!
Bhanu says, he has written about people whom the world can recognise!
We know a Khalasi, an engine driver and the like.
They come alive before us in these stories.

I bring you one of the stories that I liked immensely!

Let us enjoy good stories!

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