Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vemana once again

కలియుగంబునందు ఘనతకు నైచ్యము
ఘనత నైచ్యమునకు గలుగుచుండు
శ్రధ్ధ భక్తులుడిగి జనులుంద్రు కావున
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ

kaliyugambunandu ghanataku naichyamu
ghanata naichyamunaku galuguchunDu
shraddha bhaktuluDigi janulundru kAvuna
viswadAbhirAma vinura vEma

కలియుగంబునందు = in the kaliyugam
ఘనతకు నైచ్యము = disrespect to gretaness
ఘనత నైచ్యమునకు = respect to meanness
కలుగుచుండు = would happen
శ్రధ్ధ భక్తులుడిగి = having quit sincerity and devotion
జనులుంద్రు = people will exist
కావున = because of thatవిశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ

Vemana says that in the Kaliyuga, that is the present times, excellence will be made to feel low.
At the same time there will be respect and great adoration for meanness. He says it is because people will be devoid of sincerity and devotion to good things and values.
Though this padyam sounds very simple at the first look, there is a lot to think about here!
Whether it is now or during the times of Vemana, there is and was a downtrend in human values. Youngsters may not realize this and may not accept this.
It is common knowledge that greatness is usually not recognized. This year’s padma Awards from the government can be a very good example of this trend. Masters are equated with novices who curry favours with the powers that be.
At the same time, people with dubious distinction are occupying places of respect.
I remember someone writing that Satyam’s Raju is now fit to be a political leader because he now has a record fit for one!!
That Vemana was a visionary is an old fact. His words are attracting many to this blog. It is like the fragrance that sticks to the thread which is used to make a garland!!


Vamsi M Maganti said...

Gopalam gaaru

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Vijayagopal said...

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