Friday, September 5, 2008

Another day!

I am told there are five crore blogs on the net as of now.
Half of them are being written by people under twenty.
That is either a proof of the urge of the youngsters to express themselves or the knowledge of what can be done on the net.
Many creative people of my age do not even consider using net for some constructive purpose.
A friend of mine sent me a mail.
It talked about his work on my pages.
I got excited and replied him as I do with all the other mails.
It is months and there is no reaction from that side.
I am sure it is the sons of my friend who found their dad on my pages and sent me a mail.
As such this my friend is just like me. Not much of a PR man.
We keep ourselves shut for long periods and meditate.
This is not the kind of meditation for spiritual purpose.
Thinking about anything and everything has been an excellent pass time for a long time.

All this to tell about me and my blog activity.
I have written columns in news papers.
Every time I sit with papers before me, the biggest question would be why write?
Then it is the subject on which I should be writing.
Even today, my questions are still there before me.
Who cares if you are writing a blog or not?
Still there are people who read such stuff!
Don't they have anything better to do?
They are just like me!
With not much to do!
I will write about things that will be useful to people.
This is a decision and I would stick to it.
More of Telugu will follow.

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