Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sumati Satakam 9

నమ్మకు సుంకరి, జూదరి,
నమ్మకుమగసాలెవాని, నటువెలయాలిన్
నమ్మకు మంగడివానిని,
నమ్మకుమీ వామహస్తు నవనిని సుమతీ

nammaku sunkari jUdari
nammakumagasalevani, natuvelayalin
nammakumangadi vanini
nammakumI vamahastu navanini sumatI

నమ్మకు = Don’t believe
సుంకరి = One who collects taxes
జూదరి = Gambler
నమ్మకుము = Don’t believe
అగసాలెవానిని = Goldsmith
అటు = then
వెలయాలిన్ = whore
అంగడివానిని = Shopkeeper
నమ్మకుమీ = Don’t ever believe
వామహస్తుని = the left handed person
అవనిని = On this earth
సుమతీ = Oh! The wise one
This is an interesting poem by Baddena.
He cautions us not to believe certain people.

There is this tax collector, either at the city entrance or even at the burial ground. There are tax collectors in the village to assist the revenue officials. They were there in the olden days. They are there now also. Poet says not to believe them. Poet was upset by the ways of these people and their corrupt practices. So are the people in general. Then there is the person who gambles. One who gambles usually loses money. Then, the habit of gambling like liquor beckons him to come back to the play. He tries to borrow money. He may even tell that by the evening he will win a lot of money and return the investment. It is very likely that he again loses and can never repay. It is a fact that one should not entertain a habitual gambler.

Poet tells us not to believe the goldsmith. This person deals with a valuable material. It is very likely that he cheats people. There are many stories about the ways a goldsmith cheats. There is an interesting saying in Hindi which says that 100 toddy tappers are equal to a broker. 100 brokers are equal to a goldsmith. 100 of them are equal to a village Karanam or the land records man. Thus goes the list.
Poet also says not to believe women who sell herself. Less said about this the better.
Suggestion accepted hands down.

Next in the list of unbelievable people is the shopkeeper. Naturally this person is there to make profit by hook or crook. He will pass off bad material for good. He will jack up prices without reason etc.

The last one in the list is a left hander person. I really could not understand why this.
Are all the left handed people cheats? I don’t think so!

Baddena’s experience must be different.

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