Tuesday, August 19, 2008

సుమతి శతకం 8

ధనపతి సఖుడై యుండియు
నెనయంగా శివుడు భిక్షమెత్తగ వలసెన్
దనవారికెంత గలిగిన
తనభాగ్యమె తనకుగాక తథ్యము సుమతీ
Dhanapati sakhudai yundiyu
neneyangA sivudu biccmettga valasen
DanavArikenta galigina
Tana bhagyame tanakugAka tathyamu sumatI

ధనపతి = God of riches Kubera
సఖుడై = As friend
యుండియు in spite of being
నెనయంగా = If you consider
శివుడు = God Siva
భిక్షమెత్తగ వలసెన్ = had to beg
తనవారికి = to one’s own people
ఎంత గలిగిన = however much is there ( wealth)
తనభాగ్యమె = one’s own fortune
తనకుగాక = stays with one
తథ్యము = this is true
సుమతీ = Oh! The wise one

In this poem the poet talks about the futility of having rich friends and relatives. It is well known that the rich people are rich only because they don’t share their riches. If they really care about the have nots in their clan or circle and go on helping them, perhaps they will also ending up being on the same level.

As usual poet gives an example. Lord Siva is known for his life style. He has leather as the costume. Snakes are his ornaments. Ashes are his favorite talc. He lives in burial grounds. Interestingly the God of riches Kubera is Siva’s close friend. If Kubera intends, he can make Siva rich. At least, he can see that Siva makes a better appearance before the other gods. But, why would Kubera worry about Siva as long as he is happy with his portfolio. This is only an example. It is not that Siva needs someone’s help to live better. All said and done a good example with the old point of view.

Example aside the fact that rich people never think of making others comfortable remains. This is the fact the poet wants us to understand. There is no meaning in saying I know this man, I am related to that man. You can have rich, famous and powerful people in your circle. If your fortune, destiny is not what you want it to be, you will not have any benefit of being a friend and relative of people. It is your money that you can enjoy.
These days credit cards at some level are making a change. They are making some people rich without riches. You need not be rich and need not be in the circle of rich. It is a false position for some time and will disappear when matters come to an end.

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