Monday, July 2, 2007

You and Your Work

It is a long time I wrote anything.
I continue to write the stuff that gives me money. There are not many around who live only by writing. I do! So, I have to write whether I like it or not. Most writers talk about mood. Classical poets went further asking for umpteen things before they could write a few lines. But, if you are making money by writing, you can not complain about not having the right mood etc.
It is called a profession. Creative writing can be a profession too. My friend Devipriya used to produce a funny poem everyday on the current political affairs. So does every cartoonist. Columnists, of which I was one, are of the same breed. They have to poduce something readable at regular intervals. I am sure editors will pick up only such people who can do that.
I was a columnist for long periods in various magazines. I did not put any editor to trouble beacuse of my mood or such things. I remember one of those sub-editors telling me that he will even make the page up without my piece. When the piece arrives it exactly fits the ususl slot. Working in radio perhaps gave me that awareness of space and time.
You can not go on telling your story. I did it once. I think it was when Rakesh Sharma went into space. I was to talk about the event in the children's program. I spoke and spoke for too long. The producer in charge , a kind lady, said that the information was very good and b'cast it over two weeks.
Blogs are totally different story. You really do not know who is reading them. Unless you have a periodicity and some kind of expectability, you can not expect people to come to your pages often.
I was not writing anything. I really mean to write a series on two or three topics dearer to my heart. I wish I can do it!

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netizen said...

Are you slipping? Is it that you are not in the mood? That blog is full of spelling mistakes. You simply do not seem to have given a read again? For a writer who boasts that he has had such vast experience it is not expected of him.