Thursday, July 5, 2007

Who Knows!

Long back I read a Chinese poem. Ofcourse, I read translation.
It goes something like this.
"I know that people will not listen to what I say.
That does not stop me from saying what I have to say.
I have to say because I can not keep quiet."

Exactly following in the footsteps of this idea, I am also saying what I have to!
I was reading a book by Bono. He quoted someones saying. It says, " You need not be recognised after you are recognised."
Banks, it looks , give loans to people who prove that they don't need money.
The situation is just like that.
As long as you are looking for recognition, no one takes notice of you. Once you are somebody to reckon with, you never worry about that recognition. And, the whole world keeps going around you.
The paradigms these days, have changed, though.
People are not looking for recognition. They are mad after the benefits in the form of bank balance. If you have the real dough with you, you care a pin about what people think about you.
I have perhaps become an old man, in this regard. I still crave for recognition. A smile on your face after you read these few words is worth the time I spent typing it out!!
Thanks for making my day!!

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