Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Passing the buck!

I keep telling this story again and again.

Here it goes once again!

Once there was a king.
He had seven sons.
Seven sons went fishing and brought seven fish.
They laid the seven fish for drying.
One among them was not getting dry.
"Fish! O Fish! Why are you not dry?"
"The hay stack came in the way!"
"Oh Hay Stack! Why did you come in the way?"
"The cow has not eaten me!"
"Hey Cow! Why did not you eat the grass?"
"The cowherd never took me there."
"Cowherd! O Cowherd! Why did not you take the cow to the grass?"
"Old lady did not give me food."
"Old Lady! Why did not you give food to the cowherd?"
"The little boy is crying."
"Little boy! Why are you crying?"
"The ant bit me!"
"Ant O Ant! Why did you bite the little boy?"
"What will I do if he puts his finger in the golden anthill?"

That is the end of the story.
Did the story end there?
What happened to the fish and the princes who brought them?
This is what usually happens.
The main point is forgotten in the name of details.

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lalitha said...

I used to trace the events back when I told this story to my kids. Later, I made a small video of it.
You can see it (EDu chEpala katha) here.