Saturday, September 10, 2016

Natakuranji - Violin

Shravanam as usual!

This time it is a violin track.
I am sure the ragam is Natakuranji.
Or, am I wrong?
Then what song is this?

Help me with details.

Then who is the artist?

Natakuranji - Violin

Nearly 300 people visited the page containg 16 Ganapathi Songs.
But only 80 people to the page with the Todi song by Miss Gopalaratnam.
That is what I was referring to when I unnecessarily expressed my feelings.

Some people want a download link to the songs shared.
If you notice, there is an arrow on your right hand side of the widget.
Click it and go to the hosting page to download the song.

I have tonnes of music recordings.
I hardly listen to them.
Only because of that I keep converting tapes and sharing music.
At least I get to listen to some tracks freshly.

Honey collection is useless unless you get to eat it too!


arunachalam parthasarathy said...

A languorous natakurnji. My guess is Sri TN Krishnan on the violin. Not sure about the composition

Sathya said...

Manasu Vishaya, Nattakurunji Ragam, Aadi Talam, Shri Tyagaraja Composition
I believe, this rendering is by Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman sir

Mahesh said...

Thanks Gopalam Sir . I agree with Sathya . It looks to be Sri Lalgudi and the kriti is Manasu Vishaya

vasalk said...

Top class. Who else but Lalgudi and krishnan with Mani.

Sir, keep it coming regularly Sir. Thank you so much. Thyagarajan.

vasalk said...

I think the late Hari Shankar too on manjira.

vasalk said...

I think the late Hari Shankar too on manjira.

Narayan Murthy said...

Respected Gopalamgaru!
Nattakurunji is one of my favourite ragaas. I have a large collection of this raga. This amazing demo you have given us will go into that with a lot of admiration and respect for the artistes. My most humble thanks to you for giving us this treasure. I also say it is the Great Lalgudi - Kirtana - Manasu Vishaya!

Rajanga Sivakumar said...

Excellent. Nattakurunji is one of my favourite ragaas too!

Unknown said...

Lalgudi bani and tone is clear.. should be the father and son.. Thank you..