Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Old Humor

A Cartoon by Talisetti Rama Rao,

name he gave to the cartoon is Vadagalla Vana, rain with hail!

The above cartoon and the joke are from a magazine Anandavani 1950!

Company manager came into the parcel room on some work. A boy was sitting there on a box smoking beedi and and whistling. 

Manager was angry and asked him "What is your salary?"

"Twenty five rupees Sir," said the boy after saluting.

"Here, Take this twenty five, You don't have to come to work any longer" said the manager. Boy took the money.

later, manager went to his room, asked for the Head Clerk and inquired about the boy.

"Sir, He is working in another company. He came to deliver a parcel" said the clerk.

Got it?

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