Monday, November 24, 2014

Vemana Padyam

After a long time I am posting one verse of Vemana here.

buddhi nilipina venuka mOksha cintanamEla
manasu delisina venuka bandhamEla
gatiyu lEni vaLLa batimAlanElarA
viswadabhirAma vinura vEma

buddhi nilipina venuka = once the mind is held in one place
mOksha cintanamEla - why think of salvation
manasu delisina venuka = once you know the heart (intention)
bandhamEla  = why bonds
gatiyu lEni vaLLa = to those who do not have means for themselves
batimAlanElarA = why beg

Vemana talks philosophy as is his wont. 
He says why think of unreachable things like salvation etc., usually discussed by enlightened people, if you are already able to hold your crafts. Once you know what you want and are able to control the desires salvation and bonds are easy things to achieve and break in that order.

If you are begging for alms, you should know from whom you are such magnanimity. if you stretch hand s before people who are themselves in need, you would end up with your empty hands.
the hands that are to give are empty. How can they fill your hands?

One should know ones inner strengths, requirements and what is expected and who can give it.
This all leads to a discussion about knowledge of self.
A simple verse has a lot to expound.

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