Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ideas - My Stance!

I don’t mind begging for something, if I am convinced that I need it. If and when I have it, I don’t mind sharing it with the others. Share food and you may be left with none for you. Share an idea and it may grow. Share happiness and it only grows.

There are many who have excess food with them and it does not even occur to them they could be sharing it. Those who have just enough for them know what it is to go without food. So sharing would still be an option with them.

Ideas do not grow on trees. Even if you buy them, it may so happen that what is bought is not exactly what is sold. Unless you buy the seller too along, that is! Even if you buy him or her, the interpretation would depend on how one treats them. History talks of ministers who helped kings and those who cheated them too. A minister was a kind of hired brain. The ministers were the real kings in many instances.
One who comes up with fresh ideas would think hundred times before selling one and a million times before selling the self.

Thus, many ideas go waste at their root. More of them would whimper for lack of understanding. An idea is to be validated. It can never be valued though. There lies the hitch. I can always tell you, I already have the particular idea.

I have an idea. Are you prepared to buy it? If you are ready to buy it, am I ready to sell it?
If both of us strike a deal, can you really understand my idea? Can you give me the indication that you understood it? Can you really use it?

Ideas do not grow on trees, I say again. They grow in some brains. Those brains are really precious.
I don’t mind begging for an idea. I don’t mind accepting the origin as my teacher since I may not understand the idea as it is!

When an idea is understood by at least a few others, it is heaven for the one who came up with it! Most of the unusual ideas face unusual resistance. If not resistance, it would be at best a blank face.

I almost sell ideas. I share ideas. I charge for that process. It amounts that I sell ideas. At the end of the session I see bright faces. Once in a while I even get some feedback that my ideas really worked and people made use of them. There is a trick here. I don’t sell a single idea at a time. I sell a package of ideas. People pick up what is useful and what they understood. Out of the bunch, even a single idea was sued by the buyer, my day is done, and the buyer’s day is also done.

Share an idea, free or for a fee, you would be happy to see the smiles on the face of the taker. If the other side is unresponsive, you would feel like never ever telling the world what you are thinking about!

Beg for an idea, think about it, and meditate on it. If still you are not able to see the value, try talking to people about it. Not all ideas are great. An idea is great only when we understand it. It should either be interesting or useful to us. If the idea is ours, the same goes the other way! Not all of my ideas are great, not because they are mine! They must be understood and be used. They must be good enough that people can understand them. If they can even use them, they would be further valuable.

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Janardhana Sharma said...

What an idea ! Gopalam jee !!! :P