Monday, April 23, 2012

Cinare - Poem

This is a translation of a Telugu poem by Cinare or C Narayana Reddy

The purport of a Question

We move forward sowing questions
Expecting answers to sprout up
Like all the seeds sown not turning into plants
To all the queries that we shoot
Answers may not be coming forth
Just because virile
All the seeds would not sprout
Some, the earth
In its hug, keeps oppressed
Only if it shrugs off the soil and rises up
Seeds transform into plantlets
Shunning the unfavourable conditions
Only if the mouth is opened
Questions would face equal replies
Welling up.
Answers right, that accost the questions
Are swords
Those emerge from the scabbards
We, before questioning
Better ask ourselves
Then we would realize that
Some questions that we raise
Do not deserve a reply
Questions insipid
Would lead to mockery
If they are strong
The would cause the heads to shake
In a word
To the knowledge of evolution of creation
To the cultural manifestations
To the uprising of the civilization
The questions are the basic elements.

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