Monday, December 4, 2017

Ragi tandirya - Purandara

Shravanam goes to Kannada.

This is one more song that haunted me for long.
It has many charanams.
I am unable to get the full text.

Many people have sung it many tunes.
Best was by a cook at Kanchipuram!

Here I get you the version by Sri R K Srikanthan Sir!

Ragi Tandirya - Punnagavarali

The meaning of the song is profound as much I understand.
Kannada friends should come up with good commentary!


Sunanda Vinayachandran said...

Very beautiful!

How we miss Sir. He is my daughter's Guru...

M R Venkataraman said...

Mesmerizing punnagavarLi by TK

krishna moorthy said...

Lovely rendering. RKS is a master whom “age does not wither nor custom stale.....”. Krishna

natarajuv said...

Very nice song sung by the master RKS.

Very nice song with melody and nice lyrics .