Sunday, October 29, 2017

Violin today

Sharavanam with Violin.

Sri L Subramaniam on Violin!

Here is the full track.
This is a performance in France.
Sri V Kamalakara Rao garu is on Mridangam.
My friend Anupindi Kamesh gave me many such recordings long back.
I wish he gives me more music after seeing this post!

Now you enjoy the full track and tell others what ragam it is!

Interestingly no one complained that the track is incomplete!

Sri LS with Sri VKR


Lakshminarasimhan s said...

It is really a feast to hear such a music. Thanks for sharing

M R Venkataraman said...


Narayan Murthy said...

A detailed Keeravani RTP - Pleasant to hear at late nights!
PRN Murthy