Monday, January 26, 2015

Avasarala Kanyakumari - Padmasri Award

Shravanam again!!

This is in celebration of the State recognition to Kum Kanyakumari.
She surely, deserves much better!!

Kum Kanyakumari - Violin 
Guruleka - Ragsudharasa - Nee_dayarada


T Viswanathan said...

Thank you for posting this wonderful recording especially Guruleka.

I agree she is a prime candidate for more awards especially Sangeeta Kalanidhi.. She is a great soloist and also a great accompanist for many senior artists

sursourabh said...

Today I felt very happy to learn about Kanya kumari getting Padma award,since I saw her as a student in vzm,music school in kottagraharam.she was very much senior to me and I did not stay there for a long time.She was our icon.I humbly remember sree Evaturi Vijeswar Rao garu on this occasion.A real tribute to the true teacher.I wish her many more awards and rewards.Dr.Suman Lata Rudravajhala. .

vaidyanathan said...

Smt. Kanyakumari is a versatile genius...She richly deserves this award and many more awards.