Saturday, December 6, 2014

Be Happy!

You can be happy!
Not that all good things are happening to you!
You can, if you choose to, be happy!

I was reading this and thought, you too could read it!

Happiness (real happiness, which feels like a warm, steady glow inside your
body), comes from the inside out. A person who manages this emotion well
wakes up happy in the morning. And when he encounters challenges throughout
the day, he can maintain a certain level of his happiness. In fact, his happiness
buoys his spirits when encountering the trials and tribulations of daily
living, and it keeps his mind clear, preventing him from getting caught up in
unproductive self-pity or other non-helpful emotions. Happy people come up
with more solutions to problems than sad or depressed people do.
Although sad people generally pay more attention to details than happy
people, happy people accomplish more than sad people. Of course, because
happiness and sadness are emotions, they do fluctuate. So, you can control
your mood to serve your own purpose. Being emotionally intelligent involves
knowing when to be happy, sad, excited, anxious, or even vigilant.
People prefer being around other people who are happy. Happy leaders have
followers who are very engaged. You can find many advantages to being
happy. People will appreciate you more, you can get through tough times
easier, you’ll feel better, and you’ll be more helpful to others. Research even
shows that happy people live longer (or miserable people die sooner).

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